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How do I request a new MOBIB card?

Is your MOBIB card defective, or do you no longer have a MOBIB card? If so, request a new MOBIB card as soon as possible, so that you can use your travel pass again.

In the meantime, you must be in possession of a valid ticket or travel pass.

If your MOBIB card expires, you don’t need to request a new one.



You can buy a replacement MOBIB card online from your account at

It is currently not possible to request a duplicate via the app.

If you buy a replacement online, you will always be charged 10 euros.

  1. Log in or create an account and link your MOBIB card(s) to your account, if you haven’t already done so.
  2. After you’ve completed the purchase process and payment, you’ll receive an order confirmation with information about the free temporary tickets you can request while waiting for your new MOBIB card.
  3. As soon as you request a new MOBIB card, we will automatically deactivate your old one. We do this to prevent abuse. You will no longer be able to use your old MOBIB card. This action is irreversible.
  4. You will receive your new MOBIB card by bpost within 7 working days.

At a Lijnwinkel store

  1. Go to a Lijnwinkel store. All we need is your national register number.
  2. Depending on the reason for the replacement, you will be charged 6 or 10 euros for your new card, or we will replace the card for free. You can pay with a debit card or in cash.
  3. You will receive your new MOBIB card in the Lijnwinkel store immediately.


MOBIB card defective without visible damage or expired

  • If your card is defective without visible damage, you are entitled to a free replacement. Go to one of our Lijnwinkel stores. After the card has been checked, you will receive a new one for free. If you would like to go ahead and immediately purchase a replacement online, you can do so, but you will be charged 10 euros.
  • Has your lost or defective card expired? If so, you’re entitled to a new card, for which you will be charged 6 euros. In this case you can’t buy a replacement directly online, but you can request a new MOBIB card via the contact form or at one of our Lijnwinkel stores.
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