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What should I do if my MOBIB card does not scan or is defective?

Check the following if a cross on a red field is displayed when you try to scan your MOBIB card.

  1. Is your travel pass loaded on your MOBIB card?
  2. Did you hold the card in front of the scanner for long enough?
    When you use it for the first time, it may take a little longer (5 to 10 seconds) before you see a tick.
  3. Are you using the right MOBIB card?
    If you have previously reported the loss of your MOBIB card and then found it afterwards, you must use the new MOBIB card, as the old one will no longer work.
  4. Is the MOBIB card kept in a holder together with other cards or your mobile phone?
    This may result in an error message. It is best to remove the card from the holder and scan it without any other cards or your mobile phone nearby.
  5. Perhaps the scanner was faulty?
    Try another scanner on the vehicle.
  6. Travelling with a Student Bus Pass?
    If so, your travel pass is only valid within a limited area. Check whether the stop where you have got on is within the validity area.

Have you gone through these steps and is your card still not working? In that case, your MOBIB card may be defective and you need a new card.

Apply for your new card online or visit one of our Lijnwinkel stores.

Tip You need a valid ticket for every journey

Have you lost your MOBIB card, is your card defective or are you waiting for your new MOBIB card? You need a valid ticket for your journey. Buy one using the app, by text message or contactlessly. That way you won’t risk a fine. Tickets will only be refunded if there is a technical malfunction/error on the part of De Lijn or if a purchased product has not been loaded correctly.

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