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Can more than one person travel using one smartphone or mobile?

Yes, you can buy a ticket for several travellers on one smartphone or mobile. This can be done via the website, via the De Lijn app or by text. However, you must always travel together. Why? Because these tickets are stored on one device.

  • You can activate an unlimited number of tickets at the same time. However, the actual purchase is subject to a limit.

Tickets are activated via your personal De Lijn account. The account holder must always be present with the group. Why? In the event of a ticket inspection, the account holder must be able to show his or her identity card to the Lijn inspector. If not, De Lijn may draw up a violation report.

  • In the case of tickets via SMS, you must buy an ticket via SMS for each of your fellow-travellers before you get on the bus. You can buy up to 5 tickets via SMS at a time with one text message, so you don’t have to pay the operator charge (0.15 euros) for each ticket via SMS. Do this by typing a number between 2 and 5 after your SMS code, for example DL5.
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