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Can I choose the photo for my MOBIB card?

Your MOBIB card is personalised with a photo; we use your passport photo from the National Register for this.

Is the photo on your MOBIB card outdated compared to the photo on your identity card or Kids-ID? You can have the photo changed, but this isn't necessary. 

Having my photo changed

  • You can request this from our Travel Pass department or in a Lijnwinkel store.
    • We will upload the most recent photo from the National Register.
    • Do you want a photo other than the one on your identity card? Send us a passport photo in accordance with the eID requirements.
  • The new photo will be used the next time a MOBIB card is created. If you want a MOBIB card with a new photo immediately, a replacement fee of €10.00 will be charged. The new MOBIB card will only be issued free of charge if there is a valid reason for changing the photo.

We cannot always obtain a passport photo from the National Register

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