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Can I use my MOBIB card with different transport operators

Yes you can! Your MOBIB card can hold travel passes from De Lijn, NMBS-SNCB, TEC or MIVB-STIB.

    • Do you want a De Lijn travel pass? And do you already have a MOBIB card with a travel pass from another transport operator? Then go to one of our Lijnwinkel stores, where our staff will be happy to help you.

    • Do you already have a De Lijn travel pass which you want to renew ? Then you can do so online, because your card is already known on our system.

    • Do you want to addother tickets or travel passes from TEC, MIVB-STIB or NMBS-SNCB to your MOBIB card from De Lijn? For you to do that, your card needs to be known on their customer system. Read more about this on their websites.
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