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What should I do if I have paid for my Student Bus Pass / Campus Pass through my educational establishment, but have also received a bank transfer form from De Lijn?

It depends where you want to travel: only within the city where you’re a student, or outside it too.

Travelling only within the city where you're studying

Your Student Bus Pass / Campus Pass only allows you to travel within the city where you're studying.

As you may wish to travel outside the city or may have had a Buzzy Pazz in the past, we’ll send you a proposal. You can of course ignore this if you only want to travel in your student city with De Lijn.

What if you’ve accepted our proposal (to renew your Buzzy Pazz), but have found that your Student Bus Pass is all you need? In that case you can request a day-to-day refund from our Season Tickets service.

Read about the rules that apply to refunds.


Travelling within and outside your student city

Would you rather be able to travel throughout Flanders? In that case it's best to keep your Buzzy Pazz and cancel your Student Bus Pass or Campus Pass. As the payment was made through your educational establishment, you should contact it for a refund.

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