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How do I pass on my ticket via the De Lijn app or website?

You can pass on most tickets once to another person via our app and website.

You can’t do this with these tickets:

  • a ticket that you have already received from someone else
  • a ticket that has already been completely or partly activated. For example, you can only pass on a multi-journey ticket if it is completely unused
  • tickets purchased via a third-party app (i.e. not via the De Lijn app)
  • Brupass (XL) ticket 1 trip and 10 trips
  • some special tickets

How it works

You send a code to a recipient which he or she can use to store the ticket in his or her De Lijn account. When the recipient wants to use the ticket, he or she still has to activate it. Follow these steps.

  • After purchasing a ticket, you will find it in your ticket zone. Via the three dots next to the ticket, click on ‘pass on ticket’.


  • You will receive a code which you can pass on via Whatsapp, Messenger, text message or email.


  • The recipient will then receive a message in turn.
  • When the recipient redeems the code, the ticket will disappear from your ticket zone and appear in his or her ticket zone.
  • You will receive a message about this via the app (if you use the app) or by email (if you use the website), even if the recipient does not redeem the code. The recipient has two weeks to redeem the code. If he or she does not do this, it will expire and you will find the ticket in your ticket zone again. If you still want to pass it on, you can create and forward a code again.


You will find all tickets that you have purchased and used or passed on in your ticket history.

Cancel passing on?

What if you’ve created a code, but now want to use the ticket yourself? As long as the person you gave the code to has not yet redeemed it, you can still change your mind.

  • Select ‘withdraw code’ for the ticket that you no longer want to pass on.
  • You can then use the ticket yourself again and the recipient will no longer be able to redeem the code that has been created.
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