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How can I treat my fellow-passengers courteously?

By applying our rules of courtesy. Many passengers are familiar with them and already apply them without having to think about it, as recent research has shown. But a quick reminder won’t do any harm.

  1. Don’t leave any litter behind
    For hygienic reasons you are not allowed to eat on the bus or tram. If you do have litter, though, take it with you after your journey and throw it away in the bin at the stop or at home.
  2. Give up your seat to anyone who needs it more
    Give special thought to pregnant women, the elderly, people with a disability or parents with small children. They often need a seat. Take a careful look at the seat you are occupying, and place your handbag or backpack on your lap or under your seat.
  3. Keep the noise down
    Talking on the phone loudly, shouting or playing music at maximum volume will disturb your fellow-passengers. Use headphones or earphones instead: that way you will also protect your hearing!
  4. Don’t obstruct or delay the vehicle
    Request your stop in time and only press the bell if you actually want to get off. And the emergency button? It’s only there – as the name suggests – for emergencies.
  5. Show your ticket spontaneously if tickets are being checked
    Always have a valid ticket with you and show it spontaneously to our inspectors. In certain circumstances, inspectors are allowed to check your identity, although they do not have the same powers as the police.
  6. Make yourself visible at the stop
    Be at the stop five minutes in advance and make sure you can be easily seen. When you see the bus coming, raise your hand in good time so that our drivers know that you want to board.
  7. Let passengers get off first
    Passengers on the bus or tram can get off easily if you don’t stand in the way and position bicycles, pushchairs and pets sensibly. You can then get on quickly and conveniently.
  8. Get on at the front and make your way towards the back of the vehicle
    You should board at the front of a bus, unless you have a pram, walker or wheelchair. If you do have one of these, make the driver aware of it. With a tram you can get on at any door.


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