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Can my employer decide not to pay a contribution for my travel pass because, for example, it only wants to pay for my 10-journey Lijnkaart?

For example:

Do you only go to your workplace one day a week? In that case, yes, your employer can decide that an annual travel pass is not the most suitable choice for you. Or perhaps you buy another type of ticket for your journey, such as a ticket or a 10-journey Lijnkaart? Again, your employer is obliged to contribute at least 71.8% of the cost, so be sure to check with your employer before purchasing a ticket.

For example, your employment regulations or company policy may state that you must choose the cheapest ticket. You may be required to purchase a (monthly or annual) travel pass instead of a day ticket.

 In their collective labour agreements, industries often refer to travel passes and rail tickets. Your employer may take this as grounds to contribute on the basis of those tickets only, and not on the basis of individual tickets.

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