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What personal data does De Lijn retain in connection with the purchase and activation of tickets and for how long?

From November 3th 2021, you will need an account in order to buy an ticket via the De Lijn website or app. You can log in via Facebook, Google, Sign in with Apple or using your email address and password. When you register for the first time, we will ask you for this information:

  • surname, first name
  • email address

We collect this data in connection with the performance of an agreement, namely the purchase of a ticket, and to link the data to your purchased tickets.

Have you purchased an ticket via the De Lijn website or app before November 3th 2021? In that case we will retain a record of your mobile phone number until 20 November 2026. For tickets purchased via the De Lijn website or app on or after November 3th 2021, we will no longer retain your mobile phone number.

We keep this data for a maximum of five years after the last contact between the customer and De Lijn.

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