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How do I show a ticket inspector that I’ve paid contactlessly?

The terminal doesn’t print a receipt. The inspector may ask to see your contactless bank card or smartphone to check with his/her inspection device that you’ve paid correctly, and for how many travellers.

The inspector does not have access to your account details and cannot make any payments in your name. Your data and privacy are protected.

A ticket inspector gets on the vehicle?

You won’t be able to pay contactlessly at the last minute.

The inspector will be able to see that you only paid after he or she boarded, and you may be fined.

You may get an administrative fine if you:

  • Refuse to cooperate.
  • Are unable to prove that you have paid contactlessly, for example if you have a flat battery. Always ensure that your device is sufficiently charged.
  • Haven’t paid contactlessly and don’t have another valid ticket.

The inspection procedure is described in our general terms and conditions of travel. PDF

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