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Why is my contactless bank card not being accepted?

You may sometimes find that the terminal doesn’t respond when you hold your bank card against it, or that your card is refused.

It’s a new bank card

  • Check whether it’s a contactless bank card. You can tell this from the contactless payment logo. contactloos_klein_symbool_tcm3-24187.jpg
  • Make sure that you’ve previously made a successful contactless payment at, for example, a shop. Always ask your bank for more information.

Check that your card is supported for contactless payments on De Lijn buses or trams.

I’ve previously used my card to make a contactless payment with De Lijn 

  • Your bank or card issuer declined the previous payment. If you paid for the first trip with a contactless debit card, you may not have enough money in your account. You need to have a credit balance of at least 2.50 euros.

See our general terms and conditions of travel. PDF

  • You still have journeys that haven’t been paid for. Pay for these first on the online portal. Make sure you have a sufficient balance in your account to do this.
  • Your card has been stopped or damaged or has expired.
    Check whether this has been reported to Card Stop on 070 344 344 and check the validity date on your card. Contact your bank or card issuer in all cases.

Please note: none of these situations are the responsibility of De Lijn. If contactless payment doesn’t work and you only occasionally travel with De Lijn, it’s best to use tickets, 10-journey tickets, tickets via sms or our cheapest travel option: the ticket via app.

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