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Why isn’t using a MOBIB card considered a breach of my privacy?

Scanning your card whenever you get on gives us a better picture of which lines are busy and which are not. This enables us to respond as effectively as possible to the demands and needs of our passengers. In addition, our management agreement with the Flemish Government requires us to report to it. This data helps us to do this.

Your data will be kept for a maximum of six months. After this you will be assigned a pseudonym and your data will become part of a larger set. What does this mean in concrete terms? It means that we keep a record of when you scan your ticket or card, but don’t link this information directly to you.

It is never our intention to track people's movements. We only use this data to perform overall analyses, and we never zoom in on the movements of individuals.

If you dispute a fine, you can give us permission to use your validation data. This can be useful, for example, to prove that you always scan your card, but exceptionally forgot to do so on one occasion. You can also request a list of all your validations for the last six months. You can do this through the online contact form.
The police may also request validation data for their investigations. Your data may not be shared with third parties in any other way.

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