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What do I have to do if I didn't receive the free network pass for people with a disability?

Contact the Season Tickets service or visit the Lijnwinkel store. They will check whether your details are correct.


Something may have gone wrong with the payment of the administrative fee of 6 euros. The bank transfer form is sent automatically, and the fee must be paid in order to create and send your MOBIB card. We will send you a new letter or email with instructions as soon as possible.

If you pay in the Lijnwinkel store, you will be given a provisional ticket and you will receive your MOBIB card with a free network season ticket within seven working days.

Another possibility is that we haven’t received your details. If this is the case, you need to contact the institution that recognised your disability, i.e. the Federal Public Service Social Security, the VAPH, the VDAB or the VSB. We only issue network season tickets on the basis of the information that we receive from them.

Have you not received the MOBIB card itself? If so, please contact the Season Tickets service. If it’s more than one month since the expiry date, you’ll be charged an administrative fee of 10 euros.


How long does a season ticket remain valid?

Your free season ticket is automatically renewed every 5 years, as long as your MOBIB card and recognition as a disabled person remain valid. For the MOBIB card that means a period of five years, after which you will receive a reminder to buy a new one. A MOBIB card is strictly for your own personal use.

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