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How do I use my ticket?

How you use your ticket depends on your situation.

Are you buying a ticket at a ticket machine or in a Lijnwinkel store?  

You can buy tickets, day passes and Lijn cards there. A Lijnwinkel store employee can scan your ticket for you so that you can board more quickly.

Have you already bought a 10-journey ticket at another salespoint?

Scan it at the MOBIB scanner on the bus or tram.

Do you have a travel pass? 

Simply scan your MOBIB card at the MOBIB scanner.

You can purchase a digital ticket by SMS or using our app before you board.

Don’t yet have a ticket?

Is none of the above options possible for you, and are you outside a closed Lijnwinkel store (e.g. at a Coastal Tram stop)? Then buy your ticket at the ticket machine at that stop. You can also pay contactlessly with your bank card using the white devices near the driver.

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