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How can I spot a phishing attempt?

Does a message really come from De Lijn? Or is it a phishing attempt?

De Lijn sends emails from addresses ending with:

  • (for market research)

You can also recognise emails from De Lijn from this link:, which is included in every email we send out.

Messages via WhatsApp, text or social media

  • De Lijn does not communicate directly with passengers via WhatsApp or other mobile apps. 
  • De Lijn only communicates with travellers by text if they have ordered a ticket by text on the number 4884. A text relating to a ticket purchase does not contain links to external websites.
  • De Lijn does communicate directly with travellers through social media*, but only in response to a post by the customer.

*Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Have you received some other request? Treat it as suspect, and email or send a screenshot of the message to

Some examples of phishing messages



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