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Who will my personal data in connection with the House Move Promotion be provided to and what will it be used for?

1. Invitation email

Have you reported your change of address at the municipal offices? The municipal officer will have asked for your email address if you expressed interest in the trial pack. You will have also received more information via this channel. Did you report your change of address via the municipal website? Again, we want to ensure that you are offered the trial pack, so the invitation email will have been automatically sent to the specified email address.
If you decide not to respond to the invitation email and the offer of a free trial pack, your email address won’t be kept and you won’t hear anything more on the subject.
If you do decide to take up the offer, fill in all the personal details needed to create your trial pack. The data won’t be forwarded or sold to other third parties, or used for functional or commercial communication.

2. Creation of trial pack

If you have requested a trial pack from De Lijn, cambio and/or Blue-bike, these partners may contact you for additional data (for example, a passport photo for the MOBIB card, a copy of your driving licence for cambio or your MOBIB card number for Blue-bike) or to tell you how you will receive the trial pack.

3. Renewal

After the free trial with De Lijn and/or cambio, you will be contacted to ask if you wish to renew your travel pass or membership. You are under no obligation to do so, and if you decide not to renew, no further use will be made of your data. After 1 year, your Blue-bike trial membership will be automatically renewed at the standard rate of 12 euros, unless you cancel it 14 days before the expiry date.

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