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Can I pay for several people/children using contactless?

You can pay contactlessly for up to 5 travellers as follows:

  • Hold the same (contactless) means of payment in front of the same terminal within two minutes.*
  • Each time you do this, the number of travellers will appear on the screen: e.g. ‘number of travellers: 2’, ‘number of travellers: 3’, etc.
  • If you transfer to another vehicle: repeat this process for each traveller in your group.
  • What if you do this too many times (i.e. six times)? You’ll see a red screen with the message ‘Number of allowed travellers is reached’.


If you want to pay contactless for more than 5 travellers, use a second or third means of payment.

Besides a contactless debit card, the following payment media are also possible:

  • a virtual version of the debit or credit card in Apple Payor Google Pay and/or a wearable
  • a contactless credit or prepaid card

If you have a joint bank account, the two account holders can each use their own means of payment, giving rise to separate charges.

*  If you present the same means of payment at another terminal within the hour, this won’t be treated as paying for another traveller: we’ll register it as a transfer.

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