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Can I get a receipt for my ticket?

Our tickets and regular proof of purchase (such as receipts, proof of purchase in the account on our website, etc.) are considered full-fledged accounting documents. This means that these can be entered in the accounting for VAT recovery.

Through the website

Do you need to generate a receipt? Would you like to find out which tickets you have used, and when? The ticket management history platform is now available!

Log in to the platform and link your phone number. The history of your tickets will appear. You will see a clear distinction between tickets you have bought and tickets you have already used.

Do you need an overview of the journeys you have made for work? Select ticket purchases and download a summary in PDF format.


Via the app

Tap on the ‘tickets’ tab at the bottom. Log in by your preferred method. You will immediately see your available tickets.

Click on the three dots at the top right. You will see a selection menu, where you should choose ‘view history’. Your ticket history will appear, with a clear distinction between ticket purchases and ticket.

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