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How can I travel on TEC's network with the Brupass (XL) ticket?

At boarding:

  • After purchasing a Brupass (XL) ticket, go to 'My products'.
  • Activate the Brupass (XL) ticket.
  • Select the network of TEC and click 'Confirm and activate'.
  • The app now requests access to your smartphone's camera. Confirm this.
  • Scan the QR code on the TEC validator in the vehicle you board.
  • Your ticket is now activated.



When switching:

  • Go to the activated ticket and click on 'I am transferring'.
  • Now indicate the airline you will continue travelling with, even if with the same airline.

When ticket inspection:

  • if there’s an inspection, tap 'Show QR code' next to your activated ticket.
  • Show this QR code to the TEC controller, who scans it.
  • It is important that you activate your boarding or transfer (also on TEC's network). If you don't, your QR code will not be valid and you risk a fine.
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