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Which violations result in a type 1 fine?

The following cases will result in a type 1 fine:

  • You were unable to present a valid ticket.
  • You soiled the tracks, a vehicle, stop or public area.
  • You soiled the systems, infrastructure or equipment or you deliberately used them incorrectly.
  • You disturbed the public order or peace through disruptive behaviour under the influence of alcohol or drugs, public urination or defecation, unwanted physical contact or insulting statements or actions.
  • You were in possession of an item or substance that could obstruct, soil or inconvenience other people.
  • You blocked or leaned against the vehicle's doors.
  • You boarded the bus through the back doors rather than the front doors.
  • You distracted the driver or another member of staff during the journey.
  • You went on top or over the safety fences or markings.
  • You gained unauthorised access to the service counters and passageways not open to the public.
  • You smoked inside the vehicles, at De Lijn shelters or any other covered spaces.
  • You did not follow the instructions given by the driver or the inspection staff.
  • You made unauthorised use of the dial-a-bus reservation options.
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