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How is my contactless payment processed?

The amount you have to pay depends on the number of journeys you made that day. We calculate this at night and the amount is automatically settled with your bank. 

If you transfer to another vehicle within 60 minutes, you won’t be charged for this. We always add a payment reference to your bank statement. You can check this on the online portal.

Did you pay with a contactless...

  • Debit card? If so, it can take up to three working days for the charge for your trip or trips to be deducted from your account. The exact timing differs from bank to bank.
  • Credit card? If so, we’ll show your trip on your monthly statement. The charge for your trip will be paid along with your other payments.
  • Prepaid card? If so, the charge will be deducted from your credit after one or more days. The exact timing differs from bank to bank
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