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I am entitled to a preferential reimbursement (VT) how do I apply for a season ticket?

Are you entitled to a preferential reimbursement (VT)? If so, you’re eligible for an annual travel pass at a reduced rate.

Buying a travel pass through the website

Buy your travel pass through our website. As well as being the quickest and easiest way, it also means that you avoid long queues at the Lijnwinkel store.

Tip: keep your identity card handy for when you have to enter your national register number.

  1. Go to
  2. Tick 'Buy a new travel pass'.
  3. Choose the start date and validity period. Then tick the box to confirm that you are entitled to a travel pass with preferential reimbursement.
  4. Identify yourself with eID or Itsme and purchase a travel pass for yourself or a family member. You do this by entering your national register number.
  5. Pay with Visa, Mastercard or Bancontact. Once we’ve received your payment, you will receive a confirmation email.

We automatically apply municipal discounts.

Payment and receipt

If you purchase online via the website, your payment will be processed within a few minutes.

  • Do you have a MOBIB card that’s registered with De Lijn? If so, your new travel pass will be on your card a maximum of 1 hour after purchase.
  • Haven’t got a MOBIB card yet? In that case you’ll receive one at your official address within 15 days. If your travel pass starts earlier (at the earliest one day after purchase), you’ll be given free tickets that you can use until you receive the card.

Buying a travel pass in a Lijnwinkel store 

  • Call in at a Lijnwinkel store and
    • provide your identity card or a copy of it (front and back).
    • mention that you are registered in the Crossroads Bank for Social Security (KSZ)*. If you’re not yet registered in the KSZ, bring a certificate from your health insurance fund.
    • show your preferential reimbursement status certificate or card.
  • After you have paid you can take your travel pass away with you.

*Be sure to state that you are entitled to preferential reimbursement. Under privacy legislation (GDPR), the Lijnwinkel staff member is not allowed to ask about this.

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