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How do I use a ticket on an card?

A ticket on an card is very easy to use. Simply scan it whenever you board and transfer. Are you using a 10-journey ticket for multiple people? Then scan every boarding and transfer within two minutes for every person traveling with you.

  • This can be done at the yellow scanner in the vehicle.
  • Hold the card in front of the blue circle at the bottom of the yellow scanner.
  • You can carry on into the vehicle when the white tick on a green field appears.
  • Don’t scan your card again when you get off – otherwise you may end up paying for a new ride.


On no account put the card in a validation device, as you used to with your magnetic card.

electronic card

My card has 0 journeys left on it. This is incorrect, and I can't see the missing journeys in my history either.


it is important to hold the ticket in front of the scanner until a tick appears on a green field. If you don’t wait long enough, your card will be invalidated. Your 10-journey ticket will be reactivated the next time you hold it in front of the scanner for long enough.

The day after using it, you can check how many journeys are left on your 10-journey ticket in our online Balance Checker. If your 10-journey ticket is blocked, you will be shown an error message.


If you don’t receive this message in our Balance Checker, you can have the card tested and if necessary exchange it for another one.

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