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Where can I find real-time information on my bus or tram?

You can find real-time information about your bus or tram on the De Lijn website or app. This info is updated every 15 seconds and gets an extra update on arrival and departure at a stop. This way you always know when the bus or tram will pass your stop. You can plan to or from an address, stop or point of interest.

Is there a trade union or a strike? On our website you will find an overview of the impediments on the day of the trade union action or strike.

Real-time information on the website

  • Go to the route planner on the De Lijn website.
  • Plan your route.
  • View the different stops with their real-time info.

If you know the number of your stop or line, you can enter this in the search bar at the top.

Real-time information in the De Lijn app

  • Via 'plan' you can plan a route.
  • From a route plan you can click through to the departure times at the stop
  • Via 'search' you immediately go to a stop or line.

How can you see if there is real-time information for your bus or tram?

  • Is there a real-time icon after the number of minutes until your bus passes through the stop? That means we are showing you real-time information about your bus or tram.
  • Is there no real-time icon? Then we are unable to monitor your bus live and are only showing the planned timetable.
  • If the time is crossed out and the words ‘Not running’ are shown, your bus or tram is not running.


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