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What are the traffic rules relating to the Coastal Tram?

Did you know that the Coastal Tram always has priority? Cyclists and pedestrians must give way too – even at pedestrian crossings.

Below you will find a number of tips on road safety:

  • Avoid the Coastal Tram’s track and the associated parking lanes.
  • The Coastal Tram can’t stop easily, so make allowance for its braking distance.
  • One Coastal Trams may follow quickly after another and they can come from both directions at the same time.
  • Obey the roadside signs, even if you can't see a Coastal Tram coming.
  • The Coastal Tram runs very quietly: don’t just listen for it – above all, keep a good look out!
  • Never let children cross a busy road on their own. Always accompany them in busy traffic. Look out for both cars and the Coastal Trams.
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