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What do I receive if I have purchased or activated an ticket?

If you’ve ordered an ticket or dayticket, or if you’ve activated a ticket on your 10-journey ticket, you will receive a ticket from De Lijn with the following information:

  • the security code which we use to check the ticket;
  • the time limit after which the ticket is no longer valid;
  • the price.

You will also receive a copy of your ticket by email.

The ticket’s period of validity starts as soon as it is issued: you can’t choose the starting time yourself.


If an ticket can’t be issued for technical reasons, you will receive an error message. This error message is not a valid ticket. You aren’t charged for an error message. At this point you can make another attempt to buy an ticket. If it still doesn’t work, buy a valid ticket by SMS or through an advance sales channel.

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