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Why should I buy my season ticket online?

Buying your season ticket online is the quickest and easiest way. There are also numerous other benefits:

  • It’s extremely fast: you’ll have your new season ticket in just a few minutes.
    If your new season ticket is active (at least 1 calendar day after purchase) but you don’t yet have a MOBIB card, you’ll receive free SMS tickets in the meantime.
    If you already have a MOBIB card, you can use your season ticket maximum 1 hour after purchase.
  • In the future we will notify you when your season ticket is about to expire. You’ll then receive an email with a renewal proposal and payment instructions. This will allow you renew your season ticket in just a few clicks without having to enter all your details again.
  • You don’t have to go to a Lijnwinkel store.
  • You’ll receive your season ticket faster than if you apply by post or email.
  • You can choose when to purchase or renew your season ticket.

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