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Why was 2.50 euros taken from my account when I made a contactless payment?

Whenever a ride is made in the course of the day, 2.50 euros is reserved (from the payment account linked to the medium used). A reservation does not mean that money is taken from the account.

Your reservation may look different depending on your banking app:

  • You may see a reservation for 2.50 euros
  • The available balance may be temporarily reduced by 2.50 euros
  • It may look as if 2.50 euros has been debited from your account. This amount, minus the charge for your journeys, is then apparently refunded the next day.*
  • You may not see any reservation

* Sometimes a reservation may be left pending for 5 days or more. This happens if the bank is unable to link the 2.50 euro reservation(s) to our request for deduction and release. Normally, the bank will release the pending reservation(s) eventually. We have no influence over this: the reservation(s) must be released by the bank.

Why do we reserve this amount?

We do this to minimise the risk of a ride not being paid for. We can only charge for rides at the end of the day. And because we don’t know how much someone will travel in the course of the day, 2.50 euros is reserved for each ride in the day. We repeat this process every day. At the end of the day, the reservation is reversed.

Note: If you pay for more than one passenger, 2.50 euros will also be reserved for each passenger.

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