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How do I cancel a link between my company and an employee in the B2B portal? How do I request a refund?

This can be done in two ways:

  • directly in the portal
  • via the warning list or starter list

Directly in the portal

Cancel the link under ‘Beneficiary management’. In the actions column, click on the symbol .

As well as terminating the link, you can also request a cancellation of the current travel pass. We will then immediately calculate whether a refund is possible.

Via the warning list (or starter list)

Let us know of a cancellation via the warning list. You can read how to do this in the warning lists manual under ‘Shared files’.

If there is no recent warning list available, use the starter list to report the cancellation of the link.

When you cancel the link via the warning or starter list, you are only discontinuing the link between the employee and your organisation.

He/she will no longer receive another travel pass to the cost of which you have contributed. The current travel pass will remain valid until the end of its validity period. If you also wish to cancel the current travel pass and receive a refund if applicable, use the form to request this.

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