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Can I cancel an employee’s travel pass?

An employee’s travel pass can be cancelled quickly and efficiently.

  • Report a cancellation via the warning or starter list. This will discontinue the link with your company and no further travel pass will be issued. The current travel pass will remain valid until the end of its validity period.
  • If you also want a cancellation and refund of the current travel pass, send a separate email to
  • Be sure to mention:
    • that you want a refund
    • the name and national register number of the travel pass holder
    • the travel pass holder’s number
    • the date on which the travel pass was cancelled
    • the travel pass holder’s account number if you contribute less than 100% to the cost of the travel pass

If you are requesting a refund for several people, feel free to put all the information in a list. If a refund is possible, we will credit the amount to your next invoice. We will of course let you know if a refund is not possible.

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